Independent Living in Prince Edward Island

If you’re looking for a fresh start, a new view, or a change of pace , consider joining our independent living community on Prince Edward Island.

Independent Living Apartments

Individuals who are looking to make the best out of their retirement years may opt to move into an independent living apartment. These senior-focused apartment complexes vary in the level of services they provide.  Depending on the specific facility you choose, independent living apartments typically offer residents a variety of services including:

• Prepared meals
• General housekeeping and laundry service
• Daily pharmacy service
• Social activities

Independent living apartments are an ideal choice for seniors who do not need the level of nursing care provided by community or nursing care, however, these homes provide comfort and added security. Another advantage of these homes is that the resident generally should only have to pay one monthly bill to the facility rather than being preoccupied keeping up with several utility, television, internet bills etc.

These apartments should be designed with the comfort and safety of residents as the top priority including features such as bathroom safety aids, hand rails, and wide doorways. When you choose a seniors apartment complex make a list of features you consider a “must-have” to help you make the right choice. Imagine, no more housekeeping – daily nutritious home cooked meals provided, cozy home like environment and time  to enjoy a cup of tea with new friends and loving and caring staff!

Searching for Self

One of the greatest benefits of making the move to Andrews independent living is that it gives you valuable autonomy over where you spend the rest of your life. Many senior citizens shy away from making retirement plans early on, which results in a family member ultimately having to make the decision for them down the road. By taking the initiative to join an independent living community that also provides community care (assisted living) and nursing home options, you are maintaining control over your future. Choosing your own life path is a beautiful thing, so what are you waiting for?

Searching for Others

Love means wanting the best for somebody. At Andrews Senior Care, we know that when you’re trying to care for your aging parents and loved ones, you’re not fully able to enjoy the time you have with them. The most caring thing you can do is to trust their care to highly-rated professionals who believe that potential only grows with age. At Andrews Senior Care, we provide an independent living community that also provides community care (assisted living) and nursing home options. This will allow your loved one to get the care they need no matter what stage they are in.

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