Welcome to the Good Life

This is your Time. Relaxing, Worry-free Living Awaits at Andrews Senior Care.

Enjoy a Rewarding Lifestyle

  • Beautiful surroundings and comfortable living space
  • Friendly caregiving team & welcoming neighbours
  • Independence when you want it, help when you need it

Cruise Into Your Golden Years

  • A wide variety of all-inclusive services and luxurious amenities
  • First-class dining experience
  • Daily snacks and refreshments
  • Regular activities and events

Medical Care When You Need It

  • House Physicians
  • House Pharmacist
  • Medication Management
  • On-site Registered Nurses

100% Happiness Guarantee

Should you not be happy for any reason over the first month we’ll refund your money (private pay amounts only) and help you move back home.

Diane’s Story

“Since living at Andrews, not only has (Mom) made friends, she now engages in socialization and activities, and is maintaining a healthy quality of life that is not only important to her, but for us as the family. It is a great feeling to know that she is well looked after!” – Diane

Andrews Cares

At Andrews Senior Care, we believe that your best, most fulfilling life is ahead of you. Our retirement living homes invite you to join an energetic community where you can live worry-free and make new memories with friends and family. We are here to serve you hearty meals, let you try new things, and provide you with a variety of services, amenities and activities that are all here to give you independence when you want it and help when you need it. Finally, this is your time. Enjoy it!

Searching for Self

Leaving the home you’ve known is difficult. No matter what any place tells you, nothing will be able to replace the memories you’ve built. At Andrews, we believe that your best, most fulfilling life is ahead of you. Our senior living facilities allow you to spend your golden years in a modern facility that gives you independence when you want it, and help when you need it. Make great memories with friends and families. Finally, this is your time. Enjoy it!

Searching for Others

Love means wanting the best for somebody. At Andrews Senior Care, we know that when you’re trying to care for your aging parents and loved ones, you’re not fully able to enjoy the time you have with them. The most caring thing you can do is to trust their care to highly-rated professionals who believe that potential only grows with age. At Andrews Senior Care, we take care of needs, so your loved ones can do what they want. Enjoy your time with your parents, knowing they’re in the best hands.

Where Do I Start?

First Steps

Retirement living has many advantages over a traditional living situation, but it’s still different. Researching and thinking about whether or not retirement living is right for you or your loved one is an important first step.

How to Have the Talk

Whether it’s a spouse, parent, or even a friend, talking about retirement living can be daunting. Being able to communicate your own observations about the benefits of retirement living, while still letting them make the decision is key to this talk.

How to Choose

It’s a big task to try and find a new home for yourself or a loved one. Everybody is different, and may want or need different amenities and support options from their community. Although individual wants and needs are unique, peace of mind should always be constant.

Starting the Move

Moving will be a momentous and emotional experience. During this time, there’s no doubt that new questions will arise as you prepare for the next chapter. From selling your home and deciding what to do with your furniture, or transferring your prescriptions,  Andrews Senior Care can help with every aspect, no matter how big or how small.

Not Sure What You Can Afford?

Find out the daily cost per room in each of our facilities compared to your current daily cost of living!

First-Class Retirement and Senior Living in Prince Edward Island & New Brunswick

Premier Retirement and Senior Living in Prince Edward Island & New Brunswick – Andrews Senior Care is proud to offer assisted living options in the communities of Charlottetown, Summerside, Stratford & Moncton

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