Resident Testimonials

A collection of testimonials from our residents and families.

Allan Evoy was an avid sportsman well into his 80s.

When he began to struggle with daily activities, he moved in with his son and daughter-in-law. However, it became evident Allan needed more care and stimulation than they could provide. That’s when they began looking at senior care homes.

Evelyn Rafuse moved into Andrews Senior Care for one simple reason: she didn’t want to cook anymore.

It’s one of the reasons many people choose to move into senior care.

When Bonita Bevans toured Andrews of Stratford nearly 20 years ago, she joked to her daughter Lynn Trowsdale that if she ever needed to move into a senior care home, she wanted it to be Andrews.

After Bonita suffered a stroke in 2018 and required additional daily care, there was no question about where she was going to live.

Ralph Foy moved into Andrews of Charlottetown after suffering a fall in 2015.

Initially, it was only intended to be short-term, but in time it became clear to both Ralph and his family that he would require more care than could be provided at home.