Hear From Our Residents

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A collection of testimonials from our residents and families.
Phyllis Dobson Andrews of Stratford
“It’s a great place to live. I’m well cared for in every way… The atmosphere is very friendly with staff and fellow residents. I have made many new friends… Good fellowship, good food and I love exercise class every day.”
Doreen Nicholson Andrews of Stratford
“The atmosphere here is very friendly and open to anyone… I chose Andrews of Stratford because I needed people my age, where we spoke the same language… Visit a few times to get to know the space and the people who are very friendly and caregiving.”
Marie Diamond Andrews of Stratford
“The home is very pleasant and all your needs are taken care of… Three benefits of living at Andrews are that your health is taken care of by the doctor and nurses, you learn new things like painting, music and new things, and all your problems are taken care of.”
Shirley Johnson Andrews of Stratford
“I look forward to seeing all the smiling staff and people—never a frown! …Always upbeat and friendly, Jen, Crystal, and Sharon are tremendous at their jobs… Well cared for, excellent entertainment and food and very caring atmosphere.”
Kaye Clark Andrews of Summerside
“I look forward to the friendships from both the staff and residents every day… Friendly staff, warm surroundings and it’s nice to know that this is your home.”
Marion MacDonald Andrews of Stratford
“I strongly advise you to move here. All the attempts are made to make life pleasant and one is never alone unless by personal wish.”
Phyllis MacDonald Andrews of Stratford
“Living at Andrews means that you have freedom from worry over household problems—now removal, broken furnaces, et cetera are not my worry. You have transportation to medical appointments and you live in a place where people greet you pleasantly at all times… The atmosphere is serene, quiet and friendly. Residents are respected and all staff try very hard to accommodate wishes expressed. When I toured the place, I was impressed with the overall ambience of the facility, the decor, the wide halls and doorways, the comfortable rooms, the overall quiet and peacefulness, the cleanliness, and the ongoing care and the outside of the property. It means a lot to us that the flower beds are cared for and lawns are mowed.”
Dorothy McIver Andrews of Summerside
“Each morning I check the activity of the day—it is something to look forward to… I had visited a couple of times and soon realized that I need the type of care you offered. I made the decision myself and never have I regretted it… We are so fortunate to have great people who offer us a wide variety of activities. Cathy and Corinne give 100% and beyond… Living at Andrews, there is always staff ready to assist me when I need them, it gives comfort to my family to know that I am being cared for by well-trained people. I appreciate that if I have a problem or concern I can go to the office and confide my concerns and they will be dealt with… The friendliness of the staff is very noticeable I appreciate that most of the caregivers have a ready smile no matter how stressful their work might be.”
Ann Dutton Andrews of Stratford
“Staff are always looking out for you—they monitor your pills, remind you of meal-times and activity and entertainment. Yet you have freedom to have guests and to leave the property… Visit first: stay for a meal, look at a room or two and feel the atmosphere… Staff use your name often—you feel like you matter to them, friendly and caring. Service with a smile… Andrews was my first choice.”
Elizabeth White Andrews of Summerside
“I know Mom is being looked after. I am able to come and spend quality time with her. [The] staff are so kind to my mother and I feel they listen to me when I have concerns. Staff are knowledgeable when it comes to Mom’s condition and accept her for herself. Staff accept my input as to how and why I want my mother cared for… Yes, I would recommend Andrews. The care, the meals, the cleanliness of the building. The staff are very personable, and in tune to the resident and family’s needs… What peace of mind you can have when your parent is here, your visits are enjoyable because the caregiving is being looked after.”
Shannon Mitton Andrews of Parkhill
“I like knowing that all [my loved one’s] needs are being met, that he is safe. Having the staff and other residents around, having company and activities to go to help him pass his day, and he’s not as lonely anymore… Staff is wonderful. They really try to go above and beyond to make sure all residents are happy and cared for… It’s hard to take your loved ones out of their home, but residents seem to adjust fast. Soon Andrews will feel like home.”
Nancy MacFarlane Andrews of Summerside
“Get your name on the list to live here as soon as possible… It is relaxed, comfortable and safe here.”
Nelson Caseley Andrews of Parkhill
“Great place to live—no negatives! Happy here as I could be! Pretty wonderful place! A home away from home.”
Sheila Arsenault Andrews of Parkhill
“Your medications are taken care of, staff are great and food is good! …I’m impressed by friendliness of the staff.”
Norma Ellis Andrews of Parkhill
“I look forward to the activities, exercises and trying out new things… Enjoy everything, love the music and singing… Nice place to live, meals are good.”
Georgie Allen Andrews of Summerside
“I am very happy with all the staff. They are always willing to help you… [The] atmosphere here is more than pleasant and cheerful… It is very pleasant, lots of entertainment and church services and staff are very helpful.”
Jean Burt Andrews of Parkhill
“If you need care, I would tell you to come here.”
Maud MacNeill Andrews of Charlottetown
“I chose Andrews to be looked after so I wouldn’t be a burden to my family. I found this to be the nicest place—the meals, the cleanliness and the care. It’s very friendly and has a homey environment. We have great meals and you will be taken very good care of. It’s a wonderful place to live.”
Jean Matheson Andrews of Summerside
“We feel very much that our Mom is well cared for and happy that she has settled in so well… Mom loves the music and socials, she feels the staff are very caring and her room is very comfortable… I would recommend Andrews. This is a very caring and responsible home for the elderly… Check out all your venues but if it is community care, this is the place!”
Holly Wilson Andrews of Charlottetown
“Like a breath of air. [I] was concerned when Mom lived on her own, and now I know she’s safe… You will feel peace of mind knowing that your parent will have care and companionship at Andrews when you are unable to be with them… Save me a room for when I’m ready! The staff are lovely to Mom and the facility is well-maintained.”
Lorraine LeLacheur Andrews of Charlottetown
“It was a struggle to look after my house on my own as my health wasn’t the best. Now, I don’t have to worry about bills or getting household responsibilities done. I can get services like hair and foot care without leaving. It’s pleasant and peaceful. It’s nice to know things are looked after here so I don’t have to worry… It takes a bit of adjustment after living on your own but the people are nice and they make the transition go easy. Everyone is pleasant and willing to help.”
Paul Dorsey Andrews of Charlottetown
“Make the decision now, do not wait. If possible have your family member buddy up with someone who is at Andrews, so they have someone to break the ice and welcome them… From the first day, the warmth and respect that residents receive from staff and guests. The facility is well maintained, each resident has their own private space which they can call their home… It’s a relief, no worries that Mom is being looked after and she is comfortable and enjoying. All her needs and desires are being looked after.”