Retire with us at Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Charlottetown, a warm and welcoming residence is a beautiful place to call home.

What’s happening in Charlottetown?

At Andrews Senior Care residents have the ability to be as active as they wish. Our activity coordinators arrange daily activity schedules including exercise classes, arts and crafts, music classes, social events, live musical performances, group outings as well as seasonal activities.

At Charlottetown, we specialize in:

Community Care
Our capital city facility offers a safe and welcoming environment in which to live. With the support of our compassionate caregivers, you no longer have to worry about moving through your routine safely and efficiently. The beauty of community care is that we offer support when you need it, and independence when you don’t. Our perfection of this balancing act ensures you are well cared for, but also provides flexibility for you to spend free time independently.

Large Private Room (Including Shower)

Private Room with Private 2pc Washroom

Private Room with Shared 2pc Washroom

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Looking for Loved Ones?
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“From the first day, the warmth and respect that residents receive from staff and guests. The facility is well maintained, each resident has their own private space which they can call their home.” – Paul Dorsey
“It was a struggle to look after my house on my own as my health wasn’t the best. Now, I don’t have to worry about bills or getting household responsibilities done. I can get services like hair and foot care without leaving. It’s pleasant and peaceful…It’s nice to know things are looked after here so I don’t have to worry” – Lorraine LeLacheur
“I chose Andrews to be looked after so I wouldn’t be a burden to my family. I found this to be the nicest place – the meals, the cleanliness and the care.  It’s very friendly and has homey environment. We have great meals and you will be taken very good care of. It’s a wonderful place to live” – Maud MacNeill
“You will feel peace of mind knowing that your parent will have care and companionship at Andrews when you are unable to be with them.” – Holly Wilson