Retire with us in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

A close-knit community with peaceful neighborhoods and trails and hospitable neighbours.

What’s happening at Park West?

At Andrews Senior Care residents have the ability to be as active as they wish. Our activity coordinators arrange daily activity schedules including exercise classes, arts and crafts, music classes, social events, live musical performances, group outings as well as seasonal activities.

At Park West, we specialize in:

Community Care
Located in downtown Charlottetown, our Park West location offers a blend of elegance, comfort, and security. With the support of our compassionate caregivers, you no longer have to worry about moving through your routine safely and efficiently. The beauty of community care (assisted living) is that we offer support when you need it, and independence when you don’t. Our perfection of this balancing act ensures you are well cared for, but also provides flexibility for you to spend free time independently. With a warm community, close to the park, and excellent dining options, life at Park West will feel like a luxury vacation.
Long Term Care
For aging adults in need of full-time medical care and support, our nursing home is a lovely place to live. Our staff provides round-the-clock services ranging from housekeeping tasks to healthcare, and is devoted to helping our residents feel happy and comfortable in their new space. While the term “nursing home” can be off-putting to many, you’ll find that our establishment is home to a wonderful community of people and care. Residing in beautiful downtown Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, our nursing home affords our residents beautiful views, fresh air, and peace of mind.
Private Room with 2pc Washroom (Suitable for Community Care or Nursing Care Level)

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“3 Benefits of living at Andrews are that your health is taken care of by the doctor and nurses, you learn new things like painting, music and new things, and all your problems are taken care of.” – Marie Diamond
“The atmosphere is very friendly with staff and fellow residents, have made many new friends. It’s a great place to live. I’m well cared for in every way.” – Phyllis Dobson
“Staff are always looking out for you – they monitor your pills, remind you of meal-times and activity and entertainment yet you have freedom to have guests and to leave the property” – Ann Dutton