Andrews, ProTem teams raise $13,388 for Alzheimer Society
May 30, 2023

Andrews and ProTem teams exceeded fundraising expectations this year, raising $13,388 for the Alzheimer Society as part of the 2023 IG Wealth Management Walk for Alzheimer’s.

“It was amazing to see,” said Amanda Kotlar, Senior Living Advisor and Social Committee member for Andrews’ P.E.I. homes. “Our teams really went above and beyond this year. It was heartening to see their commitment and passion in raising money for this important cause.”

Amanda added, the reduction in COVID-19 restrictions in both P.E.I. and New Brunswick made fundraising much easier this year.

“We were able to invite families to our homes for our in-house fundraising walks, which made a big difference,” she said.

  • Summerside's walk team poses for a photo during their in-house fundraiser. Pictured left to right front are: Helen White, Norma Paynter, Annelize Malan, Alton Ramsay and Tina Richard. Right to left back are: Kim Jay, Laura MacArthur, Rachael Handley and Joan DeNoon, Marg Arsenault, Emmah O'Neil and Valerie Waite.

One home in particular experienced a significant bump in donations.

Andrews of Parkhill had set a fundraising goal of $351, based on the total they raised in 2022. This year they raised $1,370 during their in-house fundraising walk, beating their goal by $1,019.

“I’m just overwhelmed,” said Barb Pye, program coordinator and fundraising organizer at Andrews of Parkhill. “It’s amazing. People here, I can’t say enough about them.”

Andrews GM Mizan Uddin agreed.

“It’s outstanding and a testament to the kind of people we have working at Andrews and ProTem,” he said.

While the official walk is over, ProTem is continuing to accept donations until June 6. All money raised will be presented to the Alzheimer Society of P.E.I. and New Brunswick later this month.