Andrews Senior Care, ProTem Memory Care teams beat Alzheimer Society fundraising goal
June 4, 2024

Andrews Senior Care and ProTem Memory Care beat fundraising expectations again this year, raising $13,391 for the Alzheimer Society as part of the 2024 IG Wealth Management Walk for Alzheimer’s.

The Andrews Rockstars had set a team goal of $5,000 and finished with $5,121.50, which was matched by Andrews Senior Care, bringing the total to $10,243. The ProTem Memory Keepers added another $3,168 in addition to the $5,000 donated as part of ProTem’s sponsorship of the Moncton walk.

“It’s an amazing feeling being able to support a cause that’s so close to so many of our residents and their families at both our Andrews Senior Care and ProTem Memory Care homes,” said Mizan Uddin, Group GM. “We have a very dedicated and generous team.”



One home, in particular, went above and beyond this year.

Andrews of Parkhill alone raised $2,816, through a combination of casual day donations, gift basket raffles and team and resident donations.

Barb Pye, activity director at Andrews of Parkhill, was the driving force behind the fundraising. Her goal was to beat the home’s 2023 total of $1,370. Barb started fundraising for 2024 the day after the 2023 walk at Parkhill.

“That was our goal, to beat last year,” she said, adding she would have been happy with $1,371. “But then we really go into it.”

In the final weeks of fundraising, she was overwhelmed by the support from team members and residents.

“We had one resident that donated $400,” she said. “The people that work here with me, I feel like so much of a team and they supported me so much through this.”

Barb’s passion for the Alzheimer Society grew out of her years working with seniors.

“I don’t have anybody (in my family) that has Alzheimer’s,” she said. “I can’t explain what it’s like to work here.”

Tanya Weatherbee, Memory Care Coordinator and Admin Support at ProTem Memory Care, agrees.

“Seeing the impact Alzheimer’s has on people makes you want to help any way you can,” she said. “You get close to residents and their families and fundraising and taking part in the walk every May is our way of showing our solidarity with them.”