What’s Next?:


First Steps

Retirement living has many advantages over a traditional living situation, but it’s still different. Researching and thinking about whether or not retirement living is right for you or your loved one is an important first step.


How to Have the Talk

Whether it’s a spouse, parent, or even a friend, talking about retirement living can be daunting. Being able to communicate your own observations about the benefits of retirement living, while still letting them make the decision is key to this talk.


How to Choose

It’s a big task to try and find a new home for yourself or a loved one. Everybody is different, and may want or need different amenities and support options from their community. Although individual wants and needs are unique, peace of mind should always be constant.


Starting the Move

Moving will be a momentous and emotional experience. During this time, there’s no doubt that new questions will arise as you prepare for the next chapter. From selling your home and deciding what to do with your furniture, or transferring your prescriptions, Andrews Senior Care can help with every aspect, no matter how big or how small.

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